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A case in 12 pictures

by: Stefan Holst

NobelProcera bars on four NobelReplace implants in the mandible and six NobelReplace implants in the maxilla.

Case history

A 73-year-old patient presented with a failing mandibular restoration necessitating removal of the remaining teeth and atrophied alveolar ridges in the edentulous maxilla. Due to extensive atrophy of the alveolar ridges and the amount of hard and soft tissue missing, fixed implant retained restorations were not an option.

Treatment performed

Four implants were placed in the interforaminal area of the mandible and six implants in the maxilla for bar retained fixed-removable restorations.

Case notes

The long-term success of an implant-retained restoration depends to a great extent on the accurate and precise fit of a superstructure, biocompatibility of materials selected and easy hygiene maintenance for the patient. If a patient’s manual skills are impaired or significant amounts of hard and soft tissue need to be replaced by prosthetic means, a fixed-removable overdenture is both a well-accepted and excellent treatment option, allowing for simple and easy handling.

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