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Treating more patients better

by: Jim Mack

Superior products and solutions from a time-honored partner you can trust.

Nobel Biocare is dedicated to helping you treat more patients better. This philosophy is built on over 60 years of experience stemming from Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s ground-breaking work with osseointegration in 1952. 

As the pioneer of implant science, we have a unique role contributing both to the historic and future innovations of the dental implant industry. We have introduced, and been connected to, many solutions that have become standards in the industry. From pioneering the industrial production of both dental implants  and individualized CAD/CAM restorations to the first comprehensive concept for 3D diagnostics, 3D treatment planning, and guided surgery.

We will continue offering you superior products and solutions for all indications, comprehensive training and education programs, and initiatives to help increase your patient flow and treatment acceptance. To accomplish this, we build on three patient-focused pillars. 

Designing for Life

To give your patients fully functional and natural-looking restorations that aspire to last a lifetime, we continuously design and improve our products to make a lasting change in patient quality of life. 

Learning for Life 

Our comprehensive training program touches every step of the treatment workflow and every stage of your professional development. We believe in peer-to-peer training through renowned expert professionals— worldwide. 

Partnering for Life

We support you in increasing your patient flow and developing your practice through initiatives that deliver efficient workflows and more referrals. We also show you how to use networking platforms and study clubs to your advantage. We have stood the test of time and our pioneering, innovative spirit will continue helping you treat more patients better.

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