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The remedy for lost front teeth

by: Frederic Love

Want to make patients without front teeth happy and confident again? Then give them beautiful new teeth!

The Remedy for Lost Front Teeth

Nobel Biocare offers the products—and equally important, the experience—to help you diagnose, plan, carry out and follow up multiple-unit anterior cases more effectively than ever before.

Often the result of traumatic injury, the loss of multiple anterior teeth is as likely to strike young patients as the elderly.

In both situations, challenging anatomical conditions must be faced in the vital undertaking of replacing the lost teeth and repairing the broken smile convincingly.

In the anterior zone, soft tissue considerations are often as important as hard tissue osseointegration, although it must be recognized that the appropriate placement of the implants quite literally represents the foundation upon which prosthetic success is built in cases like these.

Nobel Biocare offers the products and experience to help you accomplish each of the demanding tasks that make up the step-by-step workflow for multiple-unit partial cases like the one above (as well as for single- tooth and edentulous situations).

Especially useful in high-visibility anterior cases, innovative “smart fusion” technology from Nobel Biocare merges and aligns medical imaging from (CB)CT scans with tissue information received from the NobelProcera 2G Scanner. Following all or even part of the new workflow featured on pages 6–7 in this issue of Nobel Biocare News can lead to more predictable and efficient treatment—which is also easier to explain to patients during the planning and proposal stages.

The visual nature of the digitized treatment plan provided by NobelClinician brings even the most confusing detail into clear focus for the patient. This can lead to enthusiastic “Aha!” responses and more frequent acceptance of the treatment being proposed.

Working with Nobel Biocare, you will be able to reduce the number of visits for each patient while enhancing predictability at the same time.

The workflow now being introduced saves time and effort for everyone involved in delivering treatment, thus reducing costs, as well.

In short, the workflow presented in this edition’s centerfold encourages teamwork across professional frontiers, offers efficiencies at each treatment step, and promotes the cooperative interaction that can help all the dental professionals involved to further build their businesses.

Regaining confidence

People who have lost teeth in the front of their mouth find themselves in an especially vulnerable situation. As much as they miss the function of the teeth they’ve lost, most of all they want to regain their smiles, which are invariably an essential part of their social connection to friends, family and the world around them.

The smile you can reproduce with the help of Nobel Biocare products today is made up of natural-looking teeth and healthy soft tissue. Equally important to the patient, regaining his or her smile with an implant-based solution does not require grinding down adjacent healthy teeth.

At the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium in New York last June, Professor Markus Blatz of the University of Pennsylvania gave voice to a sound strategy: “The goal remains the same for our surgical and our restorative interventions: We try to mimic nature as closely as possible.”

Never before has the pathway to this admirable objective been as straightforward to travel as now.

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