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James Kim had two implants placed

by: James Kim

“The day after my procedure, I played golf!”

“The day after my procedure, I played golf!”

I am a Korean-American, who was born in Korea and moved to the United States when I was two years old. When I was quite young, I broke my front two teeth and got crowns to replace them.

Then I started playing basketball—which can be a full-contact support at times—and I got my teeth knocked out more than once. Most recently, I lost them five or six years ago, when somebody smashed his elbow into my mouth.

That time, the crown on one of my upper central incisors was actually shattered, and my dentist had to extract the tooth entirely, leaving me with one crown.

To replace the lost tooth, they put in a new crown and a half-bridge with a half-wing attached to the back of one of my adjacent teeth.

After just a few years, it grew quite unsteady  and was unsightly, too. I had a black post, and the gums weren’t covering it, so when I went to see clients or spend time with my friends, I found myself not smiling fully or covering my smile with my hand.

The mobility of the bridge led to the loss of my other  broken incisor, so an implant-based solution was suggested, and I agreed.

All the difference in the world

With two new front teeth, I can really enjoy local cuisine wherever I am. I enjoy a lot of things that were difficult to eat before, like chili crab in Singapore, for example. Now with implants, it is a lot easier to bite down and eat properly. The worries are gone and I don’t even think about it very much any more.

For patients who are looking to get an implant, I think the biggest thing to remember is: “Don’t be scared of going through with it!” Accept the minor discomfort, and you’ll discover that the whole process is really not that bad.

Recovering, the afternoon of my procedure, I was actually quite okay! I didn’t need to take any pain medication, and the next day I went out to play golf.  

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