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The birth of FOR

by: Dr. Sreenivas Koka

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation celebrated at milestone event.

On June 20, 2013, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York provided the prestigious setting for the launch of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR). A new initiative, endowed by Nobel Biocare, FOR aims to take the lead in professional education and build a cross-disciplinary, global community where insights and experience can be shared. The executive director of FOR reports.

In an address to an audience of over 2,000, Nobel Biocare CEO Richard Laube introduced FOR, reaffirming Nobel Biocare’s commitment to professional education before calling on Professor George Zarb, Chairman of FOR, to explain the mission of the Foundation: achieving effective worldwide patient care through scholarship and humanitarian engagement.

Committed to better patient care for generations to come

FOR is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. It will monitor and encourage scientific breakthroughs based on clinical evidence. This builds on the heritage of osseointegration that began in the pioneering days of the 1960s. It was therefore apt that the Foundation bestowed its very first Honorary Fellowship on Per-Ingvar Brånemark in New York.

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation promotes the exchange of ideas on an international level. Through emerging leader programs, the possibility of personal mentor-ship and an on- and offline network of peers around the world, the Foundation’s commitment to continuing professional education will enhance treatment outcomes, and, ultimately, patients’ quality of life.

The Foundation is comprised of four Councils—Science, Education, Governance and Emerging Leaders. The latter is chaired by Eric Rompen and Bernard Touati who appeared in New York to elaborate on the Foun¬dation’s aim to identify, develop and build the next generation of leaders in the fields of Science, Education and Humanity. The event also saw the Foundation host its first session dedicated to young leaders of tomorrow—for an hour the stage was given to three impressive young speakers: Oscar Gonzalez Martin, Sunyoung Ma and France Lambert.

A hub for learning and collaboration:

The cornerstone of the Foundation is its online platform, which emphasizes a modern approach to learning and is a unique go-to place for complete patient case histories, covering planning through to follow-up and complication handling. The 30 cases made available at launch will be continuously added to over time.

The website also offers a growing repository of video insights with keynote speeches from selected symposia. All sessions in New York were filmed and are being uploaded to, so those unable to attend the event can still catch up on the topics discussed.

Also to be found on are a selection of pre- and post-surgery safety checklists. Developed by Dr. Franck Renouard and a team of lead-ing experts, they are available for download and can also be viewed on mobile devices. Dr. Renouard was on hand in New York to demonstrate how easily and effectively the checklists can be used in practice.

FOR Humanity

FOR is partnering with Winds of Hope, an organization whose primary objective is to eliminate Noma— an infection that develops from gingivitis and, without treatment, causes permanent facial disfiguration. The organization’s President, Dr. Bertrand Piccard, was presented with the first FOR Humanity Award for his work with Winds of Hope which personifies the key qualities we look for in the Foundation—compassion, generosity of spirit and leadership in humanitarian deeds.

In his acceptance speech, he evoked experiences from his circumnavigation of the world in a balloon, his professional role in psychotherapy and his humanitarian work to inspire the audience: “Freedom is when we manage to think in every possible direction … this is the spirit that we learn in ballooning, it is the spirit I try to teach in my profession of psychotherapy, it is the spirit of Winds of Hope, and I believe it should be the spirit of all the people who try to make the world a better place … getting out of the old patterns of thinking to invent a better future.”

As the birthplace of FOR, the inauguration in New York represented a milestone event. In less than four months the Foundation has already attracted more than 1,000 participants interested in what FOR represents and what it can offer them. The Symposium was an opportunity to explain the benefits of FOR and to demonstrate the tools that are already available for use in the dental practice. The work of the Foundation, however, has only just begun.

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