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Science and society in the city

by: Frederic Love

An amazing assembly of over 100 world-class speakers took the stage at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium.

For four days in June, New York City became the world capital of osseointegration. The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium was a starstudded scientific event that also included practical hands-on training and a wide variety of opportunities for
participating implant professionals to network as well.

All the right people were there, the pioneers of science-based implant dentistry, such as George Zarb and (by the way of video) Per-Ingvar Brånemark himself; but also the up-and-coming names one reads in the best journals and sees lecturing at the annual professional association conferences. 

Bring more than two thousand implant professionals together in a venue like the Waldorf Astoria and serendipity is bound to happen. Meaningful exchanges of knowledge and frequent “Aha!” experiences took place during those four days in June, both in the course of the formalpresentations and during the relaxed receptions, dinners and soirees Nobel Biocare had arranged.

Staying at the forefront

Professionals of many different disciplines met in New York not only to improve their skills, but also to learn from people with complementary expertise and experiences. Surface physicists, Biomechanical engineers, statisticians and economists rubbed shoulders with dentists, surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists, laboratory technicians, nurses, office staff and even writers like me.

The outcome? There were no boring conversations at the Global Symposium! In the mosaic of good memories to the right, we at Nobel Biocare News have chosen to depict a small fraction of the people who came to New York to be a part of this great event.

Many of them have already written for you on these pages. Many more will be joining their ranks in the future. Keep your eyes open for the stories they have to tell and the knowledge they have to share.

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