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by: Frederic Love

A wise material choice, painstakingly tested, makes innovative design possible.

Nobel Biocare has developed a proprietary cold-working process to achieve even higher yield strength than the strongest standard grade of commercially pure titanium. This specially processed titanium is used in all Nobel Biocare implants and is especially suited for the NobelActive design.

According to rigorous testing, the yield strength of NobelActive rivals the titanium alloy used in the company’s ultra-strong abutment screws.

Yield strength only part of the story

Ever since 1992, Nobel Biocare has also been subjecting new designs and a variety of materials to extensive, systematic fatigue testing, according to a meticulous internal protocol that is completely in line with the international standard (ISO 14801) used today.

After years of testing, Nobel Biocare continues to study the NobelActive design through ongoing clinical research. Results demonstrate high cumulative survival rates, stable bone levels and favorable soft tissue parameters under various clinical conditions and using immediate function protocols.

The results of randomized, controlled studies are of public record and available online.

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