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NobelActive expands its range of components

by: Nik Sisodia

A few words from the clinical perspective on Nobel Biocare responsiveness.

The clinicians who use Nobel Biocare products often provide the feedback the company needs to better adapt its range of products to clinical demands.

Ever since its launch four years ago, I have been using Nobel- Active. Because I have found that the surgical versatility and conical connection of this multi-purpose implant are so good, I have switched over to it completely.

I am now exclusively using NobelActive for all cases and indications. Having a secure and strong conical connection offers built-in platform shifting and has meant that I see crestal bone heights remaining stable to the top of the implant in many more cases than previously.

A pleasure to work with

Many of us who were using the NobelActive implant early-on found that—thanks to the new conical connection—implants could now be placed deeper when required.

Of course, this also meant that we needed a range of prosthetic components that were taller in order to make transmucosal healing possible.

As always, the people at the R&D department of Nobel Biocare welcomed our queries, were openminded and explored the possibility.

I think it is safe to say that as a direct result of clinical demand, Nobel Biocare very quickly added a taller 7 mm healing abutment to the NobelActive range.

Without doubt, this new healing abutment will make management of the soft tissues far easier in those cases where the implant is placed deeper. For me, it is a very welcome addition to the Nobel Biocare product portfolio.

These new restorative components are for use with both NobelActive and NobelReplace Conical Connection.

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