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NobelActive celebrates five-year anniversary

by: Nobel Biocare News

Since its introduction in 2008, NobelActive has become the implant of choice for an increasing number of clinicians. For five years now, its unique design has expanded treatment options and offered maximum flexibility both in placement and restorability.

To date more than 3000 NobelActive implants have been clinically documented in over 1300 patients, including in published studies with three-year follow-up data.1,2 The results have been remarkable, not least because NobelActive’s unique design has been recognized as supporting implant placement even in compromised situations. Its variable thread design “cuts” soft bone as it is placed, enabling implant placement with a narrower osteotomy.

NobelActive has demonstrated limited bone loss during the initial remodeling period2 and stable or even improving bone levels within the first two years. With its conical connection design, NobelActive has been shown to offer statistically better radiological marginal bone crestal levels and less marginal bone loss in comparison with a control implant, both from implant placement to loading and from baseline to one year of function. This has been confirmed in two studies with different control implants.4,5

Studies conducted using NobelActive have proven that the same clinical and esthetic results can be achieved with Immediate Function as with delayed loading, including in demanding conditions such as extraction sites. Recent studies have shown high implant survival rates with Immediate Function.1,2,6 When using Immediate Function NobelActive has also demonstrated statistically significant papilla improvement over three years follow-up.1,2

When surveyed, patients reported statistically significant increases in function, esthetics, sense, speech and self-esteem over three years of follow-up after having NobelActive implants placed with Immediate Function in extraction sites of failing teeth.1

When it comes to edentulous patients, NobelActive is also a safe and effective option. Performing as well in the maxilla as it does in the mandible8, and effective even in severely atrophic jaws, studies have shown predictable implant performance with the All-on-4® treatment concept.6,7,8 NobelActive has even demonstrated its efficacy in patients with osteoporosis.9

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