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Nobel Biocare will host six scientific symposia in 2012

by: Jim Mack

In 2012 Nobel Biocare will host a series of six scientific symposia in selected cities from Europe to North America to celebrate the dual anniversaries of the advent and acknowledgement of osseointegration.

The year 2012 marks 60 years since Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark discovered the principles of osseointegration and 30 years since its international acceptance at the landmark conference in Toronto. "Nobel Biocare Symposia 2012" will take place in Sweden, Canada, and also France, Ukraine, Germany and Italy.

The programs of all six Nobel Biocare Symposia 2012 will celebrate the origins and evolution of osseointegration as a practical and trusted treatment modality over the last six decades. Each program will also include lectures on recent advances in treatment, presented from surgical, prosthetic and laboratory perspectives. Speakers will look towards the future as well, presenting current trends and possible future developments for bone-anchored restorative dentistry.

Symposia series starts in Gothenburg – the city where it all began

Starting the year-long celebration in the hometown of osseointegration — Professor Brånemark's Gothenburg — Nobel Biocare will be gathering some of the best-known names in the field on March 21-23. Scientific and clinical experts not only from Scandinavia, but the far corners of the world, will exchange ideas and discuss promising areas for further exploration. Pioneers from the heady days of the Toronto Conference of 1982, such as Professor George Zarb and Professor Ragnar Adell will be featured at the Gothenburg symposium. Other speakers including Professor Ulf Lekholm will remind participants of how far Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, Nobel Biocare and their band of supporters have brought dental innovations based on the principles of osseointegration since those days of breakthrough 60 and 30 years ago.

After the March meeting in Gothenburg, Nobel Biocare Symposia 2012, "Celebrating 60 years of osseointegration and 30 years of international acknowledgement," will be held in Avignon, France (June 1-2), Odessa, Ukraine (June 9-11) and Hamburg, Germany (June 15-16) with the final symposia planned for Rimini, Italy and Toronto, Canada both on October 19-20. At the Toronto symposium special recognition will be given to the landmark conference of 1982 where the international breakthrough for osseointegration first took place.

60 years of osseointegration – 30 years since the landmark conference in Toronto

In 1952, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark discovered the principles of osseointegration in Sweden. Thirty years later, in 1982, the discovery was acknowledged, and his subsequent findings confirmed, at an epoch-making meeting of dental authorities organized by Professor George Zarb in Canada. The proceedings of this historic conference enabled dental implants to gain acceptance as a treatment method in the global dental community.

The Nobel Biocare Symposia 2012

Gothenburg, 21-23 March

Avignon, 1-2 June

Odessa, 9-11 June

Hamburg, 15-16 June

Rimini, 19-20 October

Toronto, 19-20 October

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