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Nobel Biocare offers the products and backup you need

by: Dr. Pranay Sharma

The company behind the implant is of fundamental importance.

Dr. Pranay Sharma has organized his dental practice to provide personalized and bespoke dental care that respects his patients' time, comfort and safety.

Dr. Pranay Sharma is a specialist in prosthodontics and senior clinical teacher at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. A frequent lecturer, he practices dentistry on Harley Street in London and explains in the following article why he chooses to work with Nobel Biocare for the benefit of his implant patients.

As a prosthodontist based in London, I’ve been involved with implant dentistry for over thirteen years, both on the surgical and the restorative sides.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different implant systems, but today I primarily use the Nobel Biocare portfolio in my practice.

Whenever you are providing implant service for your patients, having the support and backup of the company behind those implants is of fundamental importance.

Any time you need any assistance or guidance with Nobel Biocare products or related clinical techniques, the company’s sales team is always reliable — its members knowledgeable and readily available. For me and my staff, that sort of backup and support is important.

Clear advantages

There are some key surgical and prosthetic benefits that Nobel Biocare provides. From a surgical point of view, the drilling protocol is extremely clean, quick and efficient, particularly in dense bone.

The Nobel Biocare portfolio gives me a particularly wide range of implant diameters from which to choose, but also various lengths to cover many different clinical situations.

The tapered Nobel Biocare range provides excellent initial primary stability, which is key — particularly in soft bone, in compromised bone or in Immediate Function protocol situations.

It is on the prosthetic side, how-ever, that I think the Nobel Biocare portfolio really excels.

They offer a complete range of products to cover all clinical scenar-ios, from a single tooth to the edentulous patient, both at implant level and abutment level.

Implant dentistry has advanced rapidly over the years and the needs and demands of my patients are also constantly changing. What I require from an implant prosthetic system is complete restorative flexibility to cater for all clinical scenarios, whether it be a traditional protocol approach to replacing a single missing tooth, or a full-arch reconstruction with an immediate placement/Immediate Function protocol, using flapless guided surgery.

When you are active in an ever-changing field, you need a company that is dynamic and is going to offer you all the support, the products and the backup that you require to keep developing. For me, Nobel Biocare is that company.

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