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Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 in New York

by: Frederic Love

Osseointegration event of the year: June 20–23, 2013, at the Waldorf Astoria.

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium Breaking New Ground in New York

At the invitation of Nobel Biocare, osseointegration scholars and professionals from all over the world will be gathering in New York City this summer to explore the scientific and clinical aspects of the theme, “Designing for Life: Today and in the future.”

Both well-established names and up-and-coming young authorities in the field of implant dentistry will be sharing their expertise with colleagues from around the globe in New York this June.

As Professor George Zarb, chairman of the symposium’s scientific committee, points out, “Dentistry’s role in enhancing patient life quality results from our commitment to research, education and service.” All three of these undertakings will be discussed in New York.

Acknowledging the company’s contribution, Zarb adds, “For over three decades this commitment has been enhanced by an exemplary synergy with Nobel Biocare.” International symposia are an honored tradition at Nobel Biocare. These meetings have always been designed to offer a forum for multi-disciplinary exchange between scientists and dental professionals.

Over the years, they have evolved to reflect changes in the body of knowledge that supports implant dentistry, and that evolution continues today.

Innovative format

Designed to maximize the participants’ learning experience, a new program format is being introduced at the symposium in New York. It emphasizes treatment workflow, from patient presentation to treatment follow-up.

The topics of the main program will all revolve around patients’ emblematic “dental journeys” and how they can be kept as undramatic as possible through a deeper understanding of optimal treatment flow.

Itineraries for four common journeys will be charted according to the indications they represent: 1) missing anterior and posterior single teeth, 2) missing multiple anterior teeth, 3) missing multiple posterior teeth, and 4) managing the terminal/failing dentition (i.e. the transition to edentulism).

In addition to the main program, the symposium will encompass parallel sessions, master classes, and hands-on training.

In future issues of Nobel Biocare News, you will be able to read articles by symposium participants who — by sharing their knowledge and expertise — have helped clinical and laboratory colleagues put recent scientific and technological advances into routine practice for the benefit of the patient.

In order to ensure the best possible dental treatment journey for all patients, Nobel Biocare has pioneered innovation in the industry and continues its commitment to creative, cooperative interaction between scholarship and industry.

This symposium and the establishment of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation are just two examples of the company’s commitment to positive change.

Shared responsibility

At the Global Symposium in New York, Nobel Biocare will announce that the recently endowed Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) will also be hosting symposia in the future.

For both the company and its customers, this makes perfect sense.

According to Petra Rumpf, Executive Vice President at Nobel Biocare, FOR is an independent, international initiative that unites professionals from various disciplines to achieve a common goal—the optimal treatment of patients.

To achieve this goal, “FOR will keep its finger on the pulse of key developments and ensure that experts engaged in FOR stay at the forefront of innovation and scientific breakthroughs; thus FOR will be perfectly positioned to organize state-of-the art symposia in the years and decades ahead,” she explains.

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