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In memoriam from friends and colleagues around the world.

by: Frederic Love

Professor P-I Brånemark gave so much of himself to so many people, and like all the millions of patients who benefited from his groundbreaking discovery and life’s work, he is also fondly remembered by friends and colleagues from all over the globe.

Per-Ingvar long remembered the names of his patients, even those he treated very many years ago. He cared for them, supported them and was a much-beloved surgeon.”
— Ragnar Adell

Few, if any, scientists or clinicians in the world have contributed so much to patients’ everyday well-being and oral rehabilitation as Dr. P-I Brånemark.”
— Ulf Lekholm

He showed us that many of the world’s great movements begin with one person’s work, often based on a single tenacious conviction.”
— George Zarb

P-I Brånemark was a man of ideas and ambition who never accepted any limits for what could be achieved.”
— Tomas Albrektsson

P-I always advocated interdisciplinary cooperation and lived as he taught, which served to expand knowledge in many fields simultaneously.
— John Brunski

Professor Brånemark was the most important person in our professional lives and thousands of patients thank him for improving their lives through his scientific findings and research.
— Burt and Laureen Langer

Per-Ingvar Brånemark was an expansive thinker, embracing the TEAM approach and bringing it to its highest level for contribution and collaboration.
— Rick Sullivan

He taught us not just by science, but by the force of his personal example: Compassion, perseverance, humanity.
— Peter S. Wöhrle

P-I Brånemark improved quality of life for millions of people. He will be missed.
— Bill Becker

Professor Brånemark changed the direction of dentistry forever and for this patients are forever grateful.
— Oded Bhat

Professor Brånemark, will always be remembered for his foresight, his legacy and his work as a humanitarian. Our profession and our patients owe him an immense debt of gratitude.
— Gerard J. Chiche

P-I Brånemark made it possible for us to perform miracles in a predictable and repeatable manner. His titanium fixtures were the anchor not only to teeth, or faces, or limbs, but the bridge to a normal, functioning life.
— Marianne Kehoe

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