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Holocaust survivor practices advanced implant-based dentistry

by: Richard Sullivan, DDS

Working in the same office in Anaheim Hills, California, for the last forty years — and as a dentist for almost sixty — Dr. Jacob Eisenbach is respected both for his superb skill set and his long-term perspective on dentistry.

Dr. Jacob Eisenbach:

A frequent and inquisitive participant at Nobel Biocare continuing education courses, Dr. Jacob Eisenbach recently completed a case based on the All-on-4® treatment concept.

The patient was a 56-year-old woman who had lost all of her lower teeth 20 years earlier. She did still have all of her upper teeth, opposite a full removable lower denture, but “She lost a considerable amount of bone due to resorption,” says Dr. Eisenbach.

“It was so bad that the mental foramina were on the superior part of the ridge. Consequently, she experienced excruciating pain while chewing, due to pressure on the nerves.”

The loose lower denture was very unstable. “Sometimes she would be speaking with people and the denture would actually fall out of her mouth,” says Dr. Eisenbach.

Miserable, both physically and emotionally, and not knowing that something could be done about her situation, she asked Dr. Eisenbach, “Am I going to have to live like this for the rest of my life?”

He reassured her that he had a solution and subsequently placed four implants according to the All-on-4® treatment concept with guidance provided by NobelClinician Software. She now has a fixed implant supported bridge.

“From the moment marked by the Immediate Function of the provisional bridge, the pain went away. She is no longer embarrassed by a loose floating denture and she told me recently that ‘Life is now worth living again!”

“Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed practicing dentistry, but this case gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction. Just look at what All-on-4® has done for this patient!  I believe dentistry is one of the greatest professions.

“Continuing education has improved my skills exponentially so I can provide better services to my patients. “Learning for Life” makes sense to me because continuing education is a lifelong process of improvement.

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