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Greater access to superior products

by: Jim Mack

Ensuring the highest treatment quality with NobelProcera

Based solidly on a heritage of innovation in CAD/CAM dentistry, Nobel Biocare is taking yet another significant step forward. The new NobelProcera 2G Scanner and open access partnership with 3Shape provide more dental laboratories and dentists with greater access to first-class Nobel Biocare prosthetic products and solutions than ever before.

Thirty years ago, Dr. Matts Andersson first presented his groundbreaking innovation, fully-automated industrial CAD/CAM dental prosthetic production.

Today, the NobelProcera System continues to lead the field as it delivers outstanding quality, ready-to-use restorations.

Patients all over the world have benefitted from the more than eleven million high-quality units that have been delivered since the fabrication of our first coping in 1983.

Every NobelProcera product and solution since then has been designed to give patients both functional and natural-looking tooth restorations, individually designed to last. All these products — except for temporary restorations, of course — are backed by a five-year warranty.

The know-how to make it work

Nobel Biocare approaches the development of each new product with advanced engineering, thorough verification, meticulous validation and specialized manufacturing techniques and tooling. The results: consistent precision of fit and exceptional product quality in line with medical device standards. As technology has evolved, Nobel Biocare has continued to drive dental CAD/ CAM innovation with high-end solutions, such as individualized abutments, implant bridges and implant bars. With characteristically safe and effective restorative solutions, the new NobelProcera 2G Scanner and the partnership with 3Shape will meet the growing demand for high-end treatment quality.

The more efficient second-generation scanner delivers direct access to the comprehensive assortment of NobelProcera restorations; and as the 3Shape Dental System is integrated into the global NobelProcera production network, 3Shape scanner users will gain open access to NobelProcera’s high-quality CAD/CAM abutments.

NobelProcera encompasses a comprehensive range of innovative, science-based restorative solutions for the replacement of teeth in all indications, ranging from the single tooth to the edentulous. Each can be combined with specific material properties to achieve both functional and esthetic results.

NobelProcera provides easy access to a global network of regional production facilities to better serve your network of dental professionals. But Nobel Biocare offers even more.

With over 20 years of documented CAD/CAM success, experts are readily available to share their technical and business experience with you. Through training and support, they can help you to unlock your professional potential, using a system with the power to provide the best possible outcome for your patients.

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