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FOR instills podium power

by: Carolyn Moncel

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation commits resources and energy to young leaders.

Fifteen dental clinicians participated in FOR’s Emerging Leaders Presentation Skills Workshop in Feusisberg, Switzerland, on February 3–5, 2014. Drs. Eric Rompen and Bernard Touati created and led this workshop, the first in a series of FOR activities that will be scheduled throughout the year.

This first FOR workshop for emerging leaders introduced participants to state-of-the-art PowerPoint® and Keynote® techniques, as well as in-depth analysis of presentation format, content, speaking style and the integration of scientific content.

Additionally, participants benefited from expert counsel on such topics as digital photography with FOR expert Dr. Egon Euwe from Italy, as well as the hidden mysteries of body language with celebrated presentation expert Tom Mucciolo from the United States.

Maximizing impact

“Teaching successfully has many facets, and an often overlooked one is the art of presenting and lecturing,” said Dr. Sreenivas Koka, FOR’s Executive Director. “This workshop takes a group of talented clinicians who have great content to share, and positions them to have the maximum possible impact with their audiences.” Members of the group in Feusisberg represented such diverse places as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Denmark and Germany. The participants earned entry into the workshop by submitting their presentations to a six-person panel of experts via FOR’s website back in December 2013.

The panel, comprised of experts representing Sweden, Spain, Italy, Singapore and the United States, evaluated each submitted presentation based on the following criteria: title and design of the presentation; appropriate use of content, images and iconography; clinical treatment quality, oral presentation content,skill and mastery of the English language; and finally enthusiasm for the subject matter presented. The top 15 were selected to give their seven-minute presentation in person and received customized feedback for refining skills.

“Let’s not forget that these presentation skills workshops not only bring a new generation of lecturers to the podium, but they also serve as a means for knowledge transfer and mentorship,” said Dr. Touati, who also co-chairs FOR’s Emerging Leaders Global Council along with Dr. Rompen. “The interactions between the clinicians and mentors facilitate learning, and in the end it is the patient who benefits most from these activities.”

Overall feedback from participants was excellent. As Dr. Arturo Llobell, a presentation participant from Spain noted, “I already had very high expectations for this workshop beforehand due to the people involved. The workshop fulfilled those expectations, and I feel very fortunate to have taken part.” The outstandingsuccess of this workshop means that FOR is making plans to sponsor future workshops around the world for aspiring young presenters. The next Presentation Skills Workshop for Emerging Leaders will be held in North America in July 2014. Submission details will be posted soon on FOR’s website. 

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