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A denture wearer shares her story

by: Cerea Adriana

“All the many difficulties I had in my daily life were linked to the use of dentures!”

“All the many difficulties I had in my daily life were linked to the use of dentures!”

Until I had implant treatment, I faced many difficulties in my daily life. All these problems were linked to the daily use of dentures.

Having a removable prosthesis made it impossible for me to chew correctly and this led to painful digestive problems where my stomach felt like it was burning.

I also developed gastroesophageal reflux. What’s more, I was not happy that I had to sleep without teeth.

Eating was also difficult. I felt very uncomfortable during every meal and dreaded the thought that afterwards I would need to clean food residue stuck to the prosthesis.

As if that weren’t enough, I had to be careful smiling, laughing and especially sneezing, because the prosthesis could move, or worse, fall out — causing enormous embarrassment.

I pursued implant treatment because I felt so uneasy in my private, working and social life, and because I wanted to chew properly again.

After talking about possible solutions with my dentist, Dr. Enrico Agliardi, I decided I wasn’t interested in having bone grafting because it seemed too invasive. The All-on-4® treatment concept struck me as a better solution. Discussing the procedure was very important and comforting. It gave me the confidence I needed in the treatment plan proposed to me.

Calm and confident

The day of the surgery I wasn’t worried at all. Everything had already been explained to me thoroughly, and I was confident the treatment would provide great results. I received sedation before the surgery, which helped me to relax. I was happy to accept all the procedures that were called for — including the tests and X-rays — in order to be able to leave the clinic the same day with a fixed provisional prosthesis.

Now I feel happy and relaxed. I have a lot more self-confidence when speaking in social situations, particularly in my working life, where I can now express myself much better. I can chew everything without worries and I can even bite into an apple!

My daily hygiene routine now requires several instruments, including a toothbrush, micro-brush and water floss, but it’s well worth the effort.

When I talk to relatives and friends with problems similar to the ones I had before, I’m eager to explain the benefits of implant treatment.  I have found that some people are worried about the financial aspect, but most are worried primarily about possible pain.

With the benefit of first-hand experience, I reassure them that in the days immediately following surgery, although I did have a little swelling and felt a little pain, it was always under control. I can absolutely recommend implants to anyone who’s considering them!

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