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Coming soon to a place near you

by: Michael Stuart

Nobel Biocare’s 2014 Symposia program gets underway.

Coming Soon to a Place Near You

Nobel Biocare has organized a series of eight symposia for 2014. They will be held at venues all over the globe.

Last year’s Nobel Biocare Global Symposium in New York was a great success, with world-class speakers and a compelling program. In 2014, a series of eight local Nobel Biocare Symposia—to be held in as many countries—is expected to bring learning and hands-on training to over 5,500 participants.

Though the content of each event will be unique, the guiding principle for every event remains the same: helping Nobel Biocare customers treat more patients better.

It all kicked off in Sintra, Portugal, on March 21. Next up is the Russian symposium in June, followed by the symposium in Munich, Germany, and then the event in the United States hosted in Los Angeles. After that come symposia in Japan, Belgium, and Italy. The program culminates with the symposium in San Sebastian, Spain, at the end of October.

In their own languages and with local speakers, attendees will be able to discuss and learn about the topics most prevalent in the regions where they live and work, as well as those that matter on a global scale.

Exciting venues

Each event takes place at a location and venue that will help stimulate active learning and discussion. Implant-based dentistry is certainly at the top of the podium at the event in Russia (June 11–13), which is to be held in the host city of this year’s Winter Olympic Games, Sochi. And where better for attendees at the Munich event to notch their knowledge up a gear than the BMW World complex?

This year sees the launch of new Nobel Biocare products that can help dental professionals work in new ways—increasing efficiency while improving treatment outcomes.

Delegates at the symposia will have the opportunity to learn more about the new creos regenerative solutions range and get hands-on with the remarkable new Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) abutment and accompanying Omnigrip tooling.

The grip of the new Omnigrip screwdriver has to be experienced to be believed, and attendees at many of the events will have the chance to try it for themselves.

Richard Laube, CEO of Nobel Biocare, is looking forward to greeting customers personally as Nobel Biocare hosts the world’s leading dental professionals at locations around the globe. “The success of last year’s Global Symposium in New York allows us to create an exciting opportunity in smaller settings, with eight regional symposia taking place throughout the year.”

“Same the world over”

The CEO continues, “Better esthetics, improved function, greater confidence—the needs of dental patients are the same the world over, and we have innovative solutions that can help. It’s important that we give customers opportunities to engage with our products and forums to discuss their application.

“At the same time, meeting customers around the world gives us fantastic opportunities to obtain valuable feedback, helping us continue to develop products, solutions and services that enable them to give their patients the best possible treatment.”

Last year’s Nobel Biocare Global Symposium sold out well in advance, and interest in this year’s local events is also high. Those who are interested are advised to register as soon as possible.  

Nobel Biocare Symposia 2014

March 21–22            
Nobel Biocare Symposium Portugal in Sintra

June 11–13  
Nobel Biocare Symposium Russia in Sochi

June 26–28            
Nobel Biocare Symposium Germany-Austria-Switzerland in Munich

July 17–20
Nobel Biocare Symposium USA in Los Angeles

September 5–7
Nobel Biocare Symposium Japan in Tokyo

October 17
Nobel Biocare Symposium Belgium in Brussels

October 23–25        
Nobel Biocare Symposium Italy in Riccione

October 30–November 1  
Nobel Biocare Symposium Spain in San Sebastian

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