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“Simply the best meeting ever!”

by: Frederic Love

Of the nine symposia that Nobel Biocare has organized for 2014, almost half remain for the fall. Colleagues who have attended the first ones say you have something to look forward to if you plan to attend any one of these four.

Nobel Biocare Symposia cover the state-of-the-art developments that are constantly changing the industry and are always delivered in innovative ways. Attendees are able to explore topics of local and regional interest, as well as those that matter on a global scale.

Although no two symposia are identical, each one offers the participants the opportunity to learn more about a broad range of new products, including creos regenerative solutions and the remarkable new Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) abutment and accompanying Omnigrip tooling. 

According to Richard Laube, CEO of Nobel Biocare, the needs of dental patients for better esthetics, improved function and greater confidence are the same all over the world. This is why the company has located these symposia at sites accessible to the company’s customers, wherever they live and work.

“It’s important,” says the CEO, “that we give customers opportunities to engage with our products and provide them with forums to discuss their use.” Nobel Biocare is hardly being altruistic, however.

Laube explains: “Meeting customers at these symposia provides us with invaluable feedback, which helps us to refine our current offerings and develop the products, solutions and services that enable them to give their patients the best possible treatment.

Impressed participants

Dr. Alexandre Libório of Portugal says he was deeply impressed by the meeting in Sintra in March.

“Besides the lectures by distinguished colleagues,” he says, “Nobel Biocare always presents something new at these symposia intended to increase my business — new surgical techniques, management training, audiovisual marketing, and so on. And in Sintra, they did all this in a breathtaking location!”

Dr. Maksim Kopylov of Russia admitted that he was a little sad when the Nobel Biocare Symposium in Sochi was over in June.

“I didn’t want to leave!” he said. “But we’ll meet again soon in another location for straightforward rounds of communication, new shared experiences, and the most positive of emotions—the satisfaction of learning something new!”

His colleague, Dr. Sergey Zorin, summed up his time at the same symposium with a rapid-fire assessment: “Super colleagues! Great team! Simply the best meeting ever!”

When we asked Dr. Camelo Ferreira of Portugal whether he would recommend future symposia to colleagues, he replied without hesitation: “I would definitely advise them to go. Training and education are a crucial part of our evolving profession these days. Nobel Biocare events are one of the best places to ride the top of the wave.

“The time when you stayed in your office until you retired is long gone. Today you have to be constantly learning new things in order to provide state-of-the-art treatment to ever more demanding patients—and this is what Nobel Biocare Symposia are all about.” <


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Nobel Biocare Symposia 2014

March 21–22 Nobel Biocare Symposium Portugal in Sintra

June 11–13 Nobel Biocare Symposium Russia in Sochi

June 26–28 Nobel Biocare Symposium Germany-Austria-Switzerland in Munich

July 17–20 Nobel Biocare Symposium USA in Los Angeles

August 7–8 Nobel Biocare Symposium Mexico in Mexico City

September 5–7 Nobel Biocare Symposium Japan in Tokyo

October 17 Nobel Biocare Symposium Belgium in Brussels

October 30-November 1 Nobel Biocare Symposium Spain in San Sebastian